About Foodex-Global

Foodex Group is a holding providing services that operates in the food market. The groupd headquartered in Dubai with its representatives in London, Sao Paulo and Frankfurt.


Foodex Group’s mission is making the connection between manufactures and purchasing companies with the aim of facilitating the sales of the suppliers and deliver solutions that meet the needs of customers buyers.

Our Numbers

•Over 10 years in the Market


•150,000 tons of goods sold


•Over 300 Million Euro Turnover




Foodex Group’s beef supply network includes partners from Brazil, India and Europe where we have developed dedicated relationships to specific markets.


Working closely with our long-established production facilities has given us a deep understanding of market requirements.


We supply certified Halal production on request.

Foodex Group’s co-operation with poultry suppliers worldwide has enabled us to provide the best and most compatible prices to our clients globaly.


Our Poultry supply network includes partners from Brazil and Turkey.


We trade in all types of Halal cuts, serving industrial and retail.



Foodex Group is always seeking the finest seafood from all over the world to provide to the clients.


Our particular expertise is in the supply of Catfish, Ribbon Fish, Sea Shrimp, Salmon Fillet, Tilapia Fillet, Farmed Salmon and Caviar. 

Foodex Group provides a full range and service for the highest quality Cheese, Salted and Unsalted Butter to the retailers world wide.


We are highly flexible in the selection of products. Your requirements are our top priority in dairy section. 

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